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  I hope, finally look forward to belong to our holiday, on the same day Children's Day I was in accordance with the normal school habits came to the school, see a lot of students skipping cried today is our holiday when I can't help would yell.

  After a while the teacher in charge of our class came to the classroom smilingly told us that the students have a holiday happy, then tell us a message said, school organizations, we go to see the film, so we spent a a happy morning, followed by afternoon our head teacher said that the school will we give a small gift, then my classmates and I are thinking will have what gift? While the teacher was understanding we thought to resemble a short while the teacher brought a small box, we can not wait to get this gift, this is, says the teacher, students, please close your eyes and silently count to three, we according to what the teacher says do, indeed as expected the gift to my classmates and I particularly like, the original is a plastic cup, the teacher also give us sent this gift, when I got inside the hand heart just eat honey so flattered. So I am very happy 河南羊癫痫医院to spend in the campus of the Children's Day after returning home, I put the glass that washed again when I Zhenzhen, won the cup in my room when my eyes like the magic house was seen inside the room of a beautiful book, a pencil and a rubber and a bed. I love my toy car, wow, you want to can't help is not dreaming ah, my hand pinched leg pain is true, then I said to myself must learn to live up to my parents for my hope. So I spent a very pleasant Children's Day, is also a very memorable Children's Day.

  盼望着,终于盼到属于我们的节日, 就在六一儿童节的当天我还是按照正常上学的习惯来到了学校,看到好多同学蹦蹦跳跳嚷着说今天是我们的节日时我不由自主的也和他们嚷嚷着。

  过了一会我们的班主任来到教室笑眯眯的对我们说同学们节日快乐,然后又告诉我们一个消息说,学校组织我们一起看电影,就这样我们度过了一个愉快的上午,紧接着下午我们的班主任老师说学校会送给我们一个小礼物,这时我和同学们都在想着会有什么礼物呢?而老师却了解我们心思似地 不一会老师带来一个小箱子,我们就迫不及待的想得到这个礼物,这是老师说同学们请闭上眼睛默数到三,我们就按照老师所说的话做了,果然这个礼物让我和同学们特别喜欢,原来是一个塑料的杯子,老师也给我们发了这个小礼物,当我拿到手里面时心里就像吃了蜜糖那样美滋滋的。就这样我很愉快的度过了在校园里的.六一儿童节,回到家后我把杯子认认真真洗了一遍,当我把杯子拿到我的房间里面时我眼前就像到了魔幻屋似地看到屋子里面有漂亮的本子,铅笔和橡皮,床上还有一个我最喜欢的玩具小汽车,我哇的一声,就不由自主的想是不是在做梦啊,我用手掐了一下腿很疼是真的,这时我就对自己说一定好好的学习不辜负爸爸妈妈对我的希望。就这样我度过了一个非常愉快的六一儿童节,也是一个很难忘的六一儿童节。

  Children's Day

  The Children's Day this year is the most unforgettable one for me beacause I'll soon graduate.

  Even though it doesn't come yet,I believe it must癫痫病医院查询 be the most unforgettable.

  I will no loneger be a child once going to middle school.

  What a unforgettable Children's Day!



  Every day looking forward to the “61” Children has finally come.

  Morning, 5:30 on my . My mother's face cream first serious个true face wash, and then red comb black comb Liangliang the braids, in a flower on the top bar.draw good makeup, I look at themselves in the mirror left-right look, feel really good, they turned to the school run. As if my joy will not walk, do not know how I went to school from home.

  Went to school, teaching see hanging in front of the building to celebrate “61” Children of the huge banner, banners below are to allow us to display the broad stage of talent. We will be here to celebrate “61” International Children's Day.

  Renqing “61” event at the thunderous applause began. First, school leaders give excellent Shaoxian squadron and outstanding young pioneers, “ten juvenile Flower”, “to help learn flower” were presented with awards in recognition of advanced, next is our children's talent show, performances.

  The first one-year 安徽癫痫病专科医院哪家好program are the children as “61” section of the clapping song rehearsal. Only a small lively Student beautiful, full of energy ahead. Liang opened their voice to sing hard, hard shot with open hands, small hands beat red. The second program is the sixth grade, Big Brothers and Big Sisters performing chorus. They lined up a huge team, bright open -like voice, singing, crying to celebrate “61.” At the time singing, laughter, applause, music passed fast. The play has been our fifth grade. We must use the joy of dance to celebrate “61.” Standing on the platform, I do not know how good my jump, but I saw the audience of teachers and classmates are looking at our laughter towards our applause. After the U.S. dance , Xu sweet for everyone classmates sang “Solar Rain” theme song, her sweet voice with their own resounding solo to celebrate “61.” Turn to instrumental performances, and we took to go blowing clarinet Units, tracks are “painting the Carpenter”, “cowboy”, “Spring has.” Dozens of students stood on stage together blowing, sound filled the campus, applause reverberated in the campus, smiling at his face in full bloom.

  How time flies! Unconsciously program finished performing, but our hearts are still immersed in the joy of holiday in a检查什么能查出脑癫痫 long time should not calm.

  Back home, turn on the TV I watch to celebrate “61” Highlights of the event. Original country, children all over the world with us as excited as joy, as happy, because today is the U.S. holiday, are “61” International Children ah!




















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